Meet The Crew

Tyrone Bradley - "The Guy with the Funny Accent"

Tyrone’s expertise in beer was entirely self-taught and started as a hobby at home. Having graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Business Finance, he never expected his hobby to become a career. However, when a fishing trip with old friends turned into the Islamorada Beer Company, he used his knowledge to craft the different brews that perfectly capture the “Island state of mind™.” This along with Tyrone’s business degree, made him invaluable to the growth and success of the company, and he continues to work each day to make Islamorada Beer Company better than the day before.

Nik Schroth - "The Guy Who Catches the Fish"

Nik’s passion for the Florida Key’s stemmed from his childhood, where he was always outdoors diving and fishing in its back yard. This connection to the island and community stayed with Nik over the years. When the founders created Islamorada Beer Company, it was important to him that with every Islamorada beer, you could experience the same mindset of easygoing and relaxed living. With each sip, you were not only able to let go of your worries, but could also truly appreciate the unique culture of the Keys. Life on the island meant more than just the sandy beaches and sunny sky, it was also the community of people brought together that attributed to the special atmosphere.

Chris Trentine - "The Guy Who will be Mayor of Islamorada"

Raised as a Florida Key local, Chris grew up down the street from co-founder Nik Schroth. Both attended University of Central Florida, but Chris transferred to Florida Atlantic University after a year. They remained friends despite the distance, and while on a fishing trip together with Nik, Tyrone and Jose, they created the simplest of ideas. This idea was to brew a beer that not only tasted good but also encapsulated the easy going, always warm and sunny life style that he had always enjoyed in the Keys. Chris currently resides in Islamorada with his wife Whitney and their sons.

Whitney Trentine - "The Girl in Charge of all the Boys"

Whitney attended Florida Atlantic University where she met her husband Chris, and together moved down to Islamorada in order to oversee the brewery. Attracted to the strong sense of community and friendship that the Island embodies, they are now happily settled with two beautiful boys. Amidst this chaos, she still finds time to manage the tasting room where old and new customers come to experience our different brews and our “Island state of mind.” She helps create a relaxed environment that is so important to the total enjoyment of our beer. This ensures that the drinker experiences the Island lifestyle in every sip.

Stephanie Harper - "The Girl who Brews the Beer"

As a devoted member of the team, Stephanie has been with the company since the beginning. Born in Delaware, she originally moved down to the Florida keys to pursue her career as a diving instructor, however it was her enthusiasm for beer and brewing that ultimately led her to accept the job as brewer for the Islamorada Beer Company. Her creativity and knowledge has allowed our beer to become a staple in the Island culture, and she constantly pushes herself to brew each batch better than the last. While this is her main focus, she can also be seen pouring beer and spreading her knowledge to the customers who pass through our brewery.

Patrick Byrnes - "The Guy Who Brews the Beer"

As the Head Brewer at our Fort Pierce location, Patrick has worked diligently to ensure that the new brewery will be up and running by its Grand Opening in August. Raised in Virginia, he worked his way up to head brewer at two separate companies, Blue & Grey Brewing Company and Beltway Brewing Company, before bringing his expertise to Islamorada. Having lived all his life in Virginia, he was fascinated by the sunny weather and sandbars of the Florida Keys, and was easily convinced to give up the snowy winters. Now, Patrick has adapted to the Island lifestyle and fully enjoys all aspects of Island living. His enthusiasm for his work is evident, and his addition to the Islamorada team invaluable.

Crystal Jones - "The Greeter"

Before coming on board with the Islamorada Beer Company team, Crystal always had a passion for beer and spent eight years of experience working in the industry back in North Carolina where she is from. It’s no shock she found the local brewery in town when she moved to the keys last year and made her first friend, Stephanie, the head brewer at the beer company. After many visits she was recruited to join the team. Crystal described it as “a perfect fit”, because of the relaxed island vibes and the superb staff. In addition to mingling with visitors, Crystal spends her time learning from and assisting the Head Brewer Stephanie Harper, as well as working with a local paddleboard company as an eco tour guide and beach bum. When Crystal isn’t working you can find her out on the water with her husband fishing and teaching paddleboard yoga.

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